Ostraha Shul was founded in 2002 under the leadership of Rabbi Y.L. Goldstein Shlita. Nestled in the suburban village of Airmont, NY, it began with a handful of members. Today, the neighborhood is home to hundreds of diverse families and Ostraha Shul plays a central role to neighborhood residents on a daily basis.

County government has recently embarked on a campaign against religious organizations. Unfortunately, it has affected many shuls and schools in the county, and resulted in the termination of our tax-exempt status until we reconstruct our entire driveway. The costs are astronomical ($148,575.00) as the construction must include numerous dry-wells, retaining walls, electric poles etc.

Help us get the job done by donating generously to our Driveway Campaign! Please donate by pressing the donate button below or make checks payable to:

Congregation Tifereth Israel
4 Monsey Heights Rd.
Airmont, NY 10952

For more information, please call: 845-371-2216